Anaxomics is a bioinformatics company molecularly modelling human physiology through Systems Biology and Artificial Intelligence. Our mathematical models of patients (either real or objective of study) allow the integration of experimental data (e.g. Big Data, omics data) with a proprietary translational database of clinical effectors, and offers virtual experimentation yielding faster, more economic, more insightful results.


Anaxomics participates in the newly granted European COST network on Autophagy: TRANSAUTOPHAGY

The professor and scientist Caty Casas Louzao, member of the group of research in Neuroplasticity and Regeneration of the Neurociences Institute at the UAB, will lead the action. COST is a European intergovernmental framework for Cooperation in Science and Technology. TRANSAUTOPHAGY aims to foster and extend multidisciplinary knowledge in autophagy to unravel details of its [...]

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Agreement between Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL) and Anaxomics Biotech

Integral analysis of the patient’s will be possible through collaboration of IDIBELL researchers and Anaxomics. Systems biology is the computational and mathematical modelling of complex biological systems, which allows its analysis. It permits obtaining complex conclusions and new hypothesis from biological and biomedical research. It also enables the integration in a single analysis of all [...]

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