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Functional, structural and contextual analysis of a variant of uncertain clinical significance in BRCA1: c.5434c->G (p.pro1812ala)

Journal: Journal of Cancer Genetics And Biomarkers 2017;1(2). [+]

Morales R, Serrano R, Sardón T, Román-Ortíz C, González-Santiago S, Mulet R, Mas JM.

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Novel Neuroprotective Multicomponent Therapy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Designed by Networked Systems.

Journal: PLoS One 2016;11(1):e0147626. [+]

Authors: Herrando-Grabulosa M, Mulet R, Pujol A, Mas JM, Navarro X, Aloy P, Coma M, Casas C.

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Re-designing the substrate binding pocket of laccase for enhanced oxidation of sinapic acid

Journal: Catalysis Science & Technology 2016. DOI: 10.1039/c5cy01725d [+]

Authors: Pardo I, Santiago G, Gentili P, Lucas F, Monza E, Medrano FJ, Galli C, Martinez AT, Guallar V, Camarero S.

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Proteome-wide alterations on adipose tissue from obese patients as age-, diabetes- and gender-specific hallmarks.

Journal: Scientific reports 2016;6:25756. [+]

Authors: Gomez-Serrano M, Camafeita E, Garcia-Santos E, Lopez JA, Rubio MA, Sanchez-Pernaute A, Torres A, Vazquez J, Peral B.

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Synthesis of 1-Naphthol by a Natural Peroxygenase Engineered by Directed Evolution

Journal: ChemBioChem 2016:17:1-10 [+]

Authors: Molina-Espeja P, Cañellas M, Plou FJ, Hofrichter M, Lucas F, Guallar V, Alcalde M.

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Molecular determinants for selective C25-hydroxylation of vitamins D2 and D3 by fungal peroxygenases

Journal: Catal Sci Technol 2016;6:288-295. [+]

Authors: Lucas F, Babot ED, Cañellas M, del Río JC, Kalum L, Ullrich R, Hofrichter M, Guallar V, Martínez AT, Gutiérrez A.

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Rational Enzyme Engineering Through Biophysical and Biochemical Modeling

Journal: ACS Catalysis 2016:1624-1629. [+]

Authors: Acebes S, Fernandez-Fueyo E, Monza E, Lucas MF, Almendral D, Ruiz-Dueñas FJ, Lund H, Martinez AT, Guallar V.

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Catalytic surface radical in dye-decolorizing peroxidase: a computational, spectroscopic and site-directed mutagenesis study

Journal: The Biochemical journal 2015;466(2):253-262. [+]

Authors: Linde D, Pogni R, Canellas M, Lucas F, Guallar V, Baratto MC, Sinicropi A, Saez-Jimenez V, Coscolin C, Romero A, Medrano FJ, Ruiz-Duenas FJ, Martinez AT.

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Same Drug: New Purpose

Journal: European Biopharmaceutical Review 2015;12(236):50-53. [+]

Authors: Mas JM, Farrés J.

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Steroid hydroxylation by basidiomycete peroxygenases: A combined experimental and computational study

Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2015 [+]

Authors: Babot ED, del Río JC, Cañellas M, Sancho F, Lucas F, Guallar V, Kalum L, Lund H, Gröbe G, Scheibner K, Ullrich R, Hofrichter M, Martínez AT, Gutiérrez A.

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From big data analysis to personalized medicine for all: challenges and opportunities

Journal: BMC medical genomics 2015;8:33. [+]

Authors: Alyass A, Turcotte M, Meyre D.

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Signaling networks in MS: A systems-based approach to developing new pharmacological therapies

Journal: Multiple sclerosis 2014. [+]

Authors: Kotelnikova E, Bernardo-Faura M, Silberberg G, Kiani NA, Messinis D, Melas IN, Artigas L, Schwartz E, Mazo I, Masso M, Alexopoulos LG, Mas JM, Olsson T, Tegner J, Martin R, Zamora A, Paul F, Saez-Rodriguez J, Villoslada P.

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Methods for diagnosing perceived age on the basis of an ensemble of phenotypic features

Journal: Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol 2014;7:133–137. [+]

Authors: Coma M, Valls R, Mas JM, Pujol A, Herranz MA, Alonso V, Naval J.

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Systems biology applied to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): treatment selection based on the mechanism of action of nutraceuticals

Journal: Nutrafoods, June 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 61-68 [+]

Authors: Perera S, Artigas L, Mulet R, Mas JM, Sardón T

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The Proton-Pump Inhibitor Lansoprazole Enhances Amyloid Beta Production

Journal: PLoS ONE 2013;8 [+]

Authors: Badiola N, Alcalde V, Pujol A, Münter L-M, Multhaup G, Lle&oacute A, Coma M, Soler-L&oacutepez M, Aloy P

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Virtual-organism toy-model as a tool to develop bioinformatics approaches of Systems Biology for medical-target discovery

Journal: ArXiv e-prints 2013, 1301.2528 [+]

Authors: Pujol A, Valls R, Radovanovic V, Guney E, Garcia-Garcia J, Domenech VC, Gonzalez LC, Mas JM, Oliva B

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All Systems Go

Journal: European Biopharmaceutical Review 2013;June:44-47 [+]

Authors: Mas JM, Pujol A

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Systems Biology Solutions to Microarray Nightmare

Journal: Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology 2013;45:45-47 [+]

Authors: T, Segú C, Mas JM

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Old Drug, New Tricks

Journal: European Biopharmaceutical Review 2012:21-22 [+]

Authors: Naval J, Mas JM

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Drug Repositioning: Bringing New Life to Shelved Assets and Existing Drugs

Journal: Wiley; 2012. [+]

Authors: Barratt MJ, Frail DE.

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The New Science of Predictive Safety Testing

Journal: Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology 2011 (March) 57-58 [+]

Authors: Naval J, Bigorra J

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Systems Biology and Drug Regulation

Journal: PharmacoVigilance Review 2011;5(4):11-3 [+]

Authors: Farrés J, Bigorra J, Naval J

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Biología de sistemas y nutrición. Efectos positivos de una dieta cetogénica rica en proteínas en pacientes con diabetes tipo II, de la evidencia clínica a la base molecular

Journal: ALIMENTACION, NUTRICION Y SALUD 2011;18(2):7 [+]

Authors: Coma M, Mas JM, Molins A, Sajoux I, Fondevila J, Farrés J

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Cheminformatic/bioinformatic analysis of large corporate databases: Application to drug repurposing.

Journal: Drug Discovery Today: Therapeutic Strategies 2011;8(3-4) [+]

Authors: Loging W, Rodriguez-Esteban R, Hill J, Freeman T, Miglietta J.

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Unveiling the role of network and systems biology in drug discovery

Journal: Trends Pharmacol Sci 2010 Mar;31(3):115-23 [+]

Authors: Pujol A, Mosca R, Farrés J, Aloy P

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Revealing the molecular relationship between type 2 diabetes and the metabolic changes induced by a very-low-carbohydrate low-fat ketogenic diet

Journal: Nutr Metab (Lond) 2010;7:88 [+]

Author: Farrés J, Pujol A, Coma M, Ruiz JL, Naval J, Mas JM, Molins A, Fondevila J, Aloy P

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Systems biology upends drug reprofiling

Journal: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News 2010;30(18) [+]

Author: Coma M, Naval J.

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Systems Biology footprint on the nutraceuticals and cosmetics arena

Journal: NutraFoods 2010;9(3):4 [+]

Author: Naval J, Farrés J

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Targeting and tinkering with interaction networks

Journal: Nat Chem Biol. 2008/10/22 ed. Volume 4; 2008. p 666-673 [+]

Author: Russell RB, Aloy P

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Towards a molecular characterisation of pathological pathways

Journal: FEBS Lett 2008;582(8):1259-1265 [+]

Authors: Pache RA, Zanzoni A, Naval J, Mas JM, Aloy P

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